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Khudro Soft offers a comprehensive range of Auto Identification Data Capture products, Point-of-Sales solution, technology and support necessary to provide integrated industry-specific data management systems for mission critical business applications. Embarking on full range of innovative, and high-performance products such as Bar Code Scanners, Label Printers, Hand-held Mobile Computers; Khudro Soft bridges the connection for data and decision maker for greater productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

We are the authorized distributor of the above items in Bangladesh. We have highly trained technical staff to provide any warranty support and life-long product support. We keep stock of different parts so that we can provide shortest possible repair time. Our products have been used for a long time and customers know our products very well for its quality and price. Software programmers are used to our products and as such it is very easily integrated with their system.


Products & Solutions At-A-Glance

MS 5145 Eclipse
Single Line Laser (5 mil)
72 Scan/sec USB
(Warranty 2 years)


MS 9520 Voyager

Single Line Laser (5 mil)
With Stand
72 Scan/sec (USB)
(Warranty 4 years)


MS 1250 Voyager
Single Line Laser (3.5 mil)
100 Scan/sec , with stand
Gun auto/button trigger, USB
(Warranty 4 years)


MS 1200 Voyager
Single Line Laser (3.5 mil)
100 scan/sec with stand
USB, Auto/button trigger
(Warranty 4 years)


MS 7120 Orbit

Omnidirectional Laser (20 scan lines)
1120 Scan/sec, USB
(Warranty: 2 years)


MS 7625 Horizon
Omnidirectional Laser
(20 scan lines)
2000 scans/sec, USB,
SS top with aux 9500 hand scanner,
(warranty 2 years)

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