Automatic Water Pump Controller

Automatic water pump controller  will automatically  START the pump set  as soon as the water level falls  below the predetermined level (usually 1/3 tank) and shall SWITCH OFF the pump set as soon as tank is full or  water level in the lower tank is at below minimum level. The Automatic water pump controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water. It consumes very little energy, ideal for continuous operation. Once you switch the pump ON, You do not have to wait till the tank fills up and starts to overflow. The pump will be switched OFF at full level. So you do not need to think anything about your overhead tank, reserved tank, Pump On/Off condition etc. Only use this modern device and be tension free.





Features of the device

1. Fully automatic.
2. Easy installation.
3. No maintenance.
4. performance 99%.
5. Include several facility.
6. Increases pump set life.
7. Very low installation cost.
8. ON/OFF switch for manual control.
9. Ensure no overflows or dry running.
10. Saves water, electricity and your time.
11. Very low price
12. Applicable for home/ office/ industry and more.
13. Perfect for single phase 220v AC. 3000w max.
14. Plastic body, size: 15cm X 8cm X 6cm, .

Automatic water pump controller is very important for the people who have no more time to waste to control a pump. Only one time cost can save your time, water and electricity of several years. It is also easier to install than others in the world. Like others, it has no needs to make any hole in your water tank, or no needs to setup any pipe, iron-stick, air-bulb etc into your tank. Only hang a series of cable from this device into your overhead tank and also into reserved tank.


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